Troubleshooting / Bugs

MSVCP110.dll is missing?

Install ‘vcredits_x86.exe’ found inside the ‘directx’ folder. Don’t install the x64 version even if your OS uses 64-bits.

XInput is missing?

Install ‘dxwebsetup.exe’ found inside the ‘directx’ folder.

The character got stuck/froze

That’s a known bug. It usually happens when you teleport to a ceiling or try to aim while running. You can press Backspace on your keyboard to return to the last checkpoint.

The game doesn't start / 'Device Not Found'

You tried to launch the game with a monitor resolution not supported. Try to run the game in Windowed mode and make sure your monitor supports the selected resolution.

Guards are floating!

That’s another known bug. Until we figure out how guards can ignore Newtonian laws you’ll just have to ignore them.

The game runs so slowly...

We know! It’s a custom engine and poorly optimized. If we continue development we will switch to Unity3D. Yay!


The game is currently using a Windows-only engine (our engine). If we continue development we’ll switch to another engine and support Mac and Linux.

Can I rebind keys?

Currently? No.

I don't have a QWERTY keyboard. Any solution?

You could try using a joystick (or waiting for us to have full support for joystick and key rebinding). Nothing else we can do at the moment, sorry.

Can I use my Xbox360 controller?

We implemented controller functionality, but it’s not really tested so we don’t recommend it. We will update the game soon with full support for Xbox360 controller.

Everything is white

You are using Steam to launch the game, don’t you? Try opening the game without it.

The Game Developer

Who are the engineer developer the path of shadow gaMe?

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The game & the future

Are you guys going to continue development/Steam/Greenlight/Kickstarter?

Some members from the original team are working on Twin Souls, the spiritual successor. You can find more info at its official website.

Can I make a video or 'Let's Play' about your game?

We’d love that! Even if you criticise the game that’s unvaluable feedback for us!

Is the music used in your game copyrighted?

It’s Creative Commons for Non-Commercial usage. If you use any of those songs you must credit the authors. You can check song+author in the end-game credits.